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Hallway and Foyer Lighting Fixtures

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Lighting & fixtures for an inviting home

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First impressions are important. Our brilliant selection of hallway and foyer lighting and fixtures, including chandeliers, pendants, sconces and more, will leave a lasting one with everyone who visits your home.


Delight guests with a dazzling choice in lighting.


Add a dash of flare and radiance with your lighting.


Accentuate your hallways and foyer with light and wamth.

Recessed Lighting

Sleek, unobtrusive and ideal for highlighting artwork or unique architectural elements.

Lamps & Shades

Perfect lighting accessory for the table in the hall or foyer.

Ceiling Lights

Versatile task, ambient or accent lights and fixtures with a touch of style.


What to


for your entryway


Check out best and brightest advice & inspiration about foyer lighting

Hallway Pendants

Hallways should be softly lit. Sconces, pendants or chandeliers work best.

Hallway Chandeliers

Chandeliers in a hallway should hang at least 9' above the floor.

Hallway Sconces

For optimal lighting, place wall sconces 6-8' apart.

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